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Herb walks & animal track walks

Herb walks in the Oetztal Valley
Exploring nature

Exploring nature with your hosts

Anyone visiting the Oetztal Valley for the first time cannot fail to be impressed by the mountain backdrop. And this is much more than just a picture postcard view as you will discover if you participate in one of the herb walks or animal track walks with your hosts at the Guesthouse Bichl.

Medicinal herbs

This expertise has often been overlooked and forgotten over the last few decades but is now being revived and passed on thanks to Andrea and Hansjörg Holzknecht. Many traditional remedies can be used to replace man-made medicines and support the natural healing process. A headache, for example, can be cured using herbs without incurring the harmful side effects of taking strong tablets.

Cooking with herbs

Many local herbs can also be found in the food served in the guesthouse Bichl as well as in traditional remedies. This is what characterises the cuisine of the Oetztal Valley. You can sample and enjoy some of the things you find on your walks in your food later on! It tastes even better if you pick it yourself!

Animal tracks in nature

Animal tracks in nature
Winter holiday in Tyrol

You may have the feeling of being the only living creature in the Oetztal Valley at times. In winter in particular, it's easy to forget the wildlife inhabiting the forests and mountain slopes. During these walks, your hosts will point out to you the small details left behind by the local animals – animal tracks in the snow and on soft ground are the easiest to detect. But other traces are left behind too. After observing the nibbled trees and the bent branches on such a walk, you are bound to view your environment in a totally new light.

Enjoy relaxed and educational walks in nature. Your holiday at the Guesthouse Bichl at the heart of nature can start soon – simply send us a non-binding holiday enquiry or book directly.



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