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Traditional Tyrolean cuisine

From herb spreads to bacon dumplings

Traditional Tyrolean cuisine
Tyrolean bacon dumplings

At the heart of the unspoilt mountain landscapes of the Tyrol, it goes without saying that great attention is paid to serving regional cuisine. And when you know how it's prepared, it tastes even better!

Tyrolean cuisine is popular far beyond the Austrian borders. Bacon, dumplings, cheese and doughnuts… the snack station and Guesthouse Bichl are personally managed by your hosts, Andrea and Hansjörg. The daily dishes are influenced by the herbs and mushrooms the couple has found on their walks. Herbs, fruit and vegetables are often served as part of the evening menu and have been freshly collected that day.

Typical Tyrolean cuisine

From bread with Alpine cheese and ham to delicious home-made breads, bacon dumplings and cheese pasta, Tyrolean cuisine has plenty to offer. The food served at the Guesthouse Bichl and snack station is adapted to the current season. The fresh game, mushrooms, asparagus and new potatoes all have one thing in common: they all taste great!

When purchasing their produce, your hosts pay particular attention to ensuring that the products are supplied locally. Milk, eggs and potatoes are obtained directly from farmers in the area. Dairy products, cheese and meat are purchased exclusively from suppliers in Tyrol.

Herbs & spices

Herbs & spices in Tyrol
Alpine spices in Tyrol

Just how many of the various plants in the local area can be used for cooking or as medicinal remedies becomes clear during a herb walk with your hosts. Andrea will show you what to look out for, which plants are edible or even have healing properties and which would be perfect with tonight's evening meal! You can even taste some of them the very same day.

Savour Tyrolean cuisine in its purest, most natural and most seasonal form. Accommodation to accompany your experience can be found at the Guesthouse Bichl. You can book online or send us a non-binding enquiry. We look forward to welcoming you!



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